I am Italian and French, I like to read, understand and share experiences.

You can visit the site in the various sections, write to me for advice and if you desire to collaborate at: dicampliaurora@gmail.com!

Always with me:

  • Hat
  • Bag with many little things
  • Notebook
  • Phone
  • Smile


Research, Programming and Planning

Consulting, Analyzing and Coaching

Model, Actress and Presenter

Writing, Organizing ans Press office


My passion in understanding the world and society have led me to communicative studies that I have completed with other studies and interests in technological and scientific skills.

My sensitivity allowed me to grow. My passion in good projects motivates myself to provide a full 360 degrees communication solution, online and offline!

“Everyone deserves the chance to fly”

Donami una goccia di rugiada, e saprò farne mare per i tuoi sogni

“La réalité est une communication acceptée sans opposition”

“Kommunikation ist immer Ursache und Wirkung”

“Aquí tenemos que comunicarnos desde el mundo exterior hacia el cerebro y lograr que éste nos entienda”

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